How Do I Begin Home Care Service?

We speak to people every day who are interested in home care services for themselves or a loved one. One of the first questions they always ask is “how do we start?” It seems like an obvious answer to us, but after all, we do this every day of the year! Here are a few industry insights you may find interesting and helpful:

  • Every legitimate company will ask for an assessment before beginning service. If the one you’re speaking with does not, run for the hills! We conduct assessments 24/7 and can usually be there within a few minutes. Getting to know you and your loved one’s needs and personality is a crucial step.
  • Once the assessment is complete, our internal staffing and care coordination team takes over. They receive the full set of information gathered form our Director’s assessment, and compile a profile. Our collaborative team chooses several candidates (depending on the size of the schedule) and begins speaking with each one. The goal is to gauge their comfort of each person who will be providing the care and to discuss idiosyncrasies of the client’s personality and care needs.
  • Once a team is formed, they are gathered and taken to the client’s home (or room if in a hospital, skilled nursing facility, or assisted living) for an introduction and skill training. At this point, our Director is additionally gauging their comfort level. If at any point someone seems reticent to perform the required skill, we may make a staffing change.
  • Once the first shift is complete, our Care Manager or Director will conduct a follow-up call and home visit. We always want open and honest feedback so everyone is comfortable with our service.
  • Our team is far form perfect, but we are exceptionally good at what we do. If we do not get it right the first time, we will the second!

To learn more or to begin home care services for a loved one, call Home Care Associates at 800-977-3612 or locally:

Birmingham, AL- (205) 206-9594

Mobile, AL- (251) 243-0899

North Palm Beach- (561) 745-7715

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