Customer Service In Elderly Home Care and Home Health Care

Customer service evades some healthcare professionals.  It is inexplicable why this is the case, but the facts exist.  How many times have you called a company for healthcare services and were passed around, put on hold, then treated poorly?  In today’s era, consumers expect more from their healthcare professionals.  Become educated on the product you are buying, and know the facts before calling.

Healthcare is a competitive industry, and every company is fighting for referrals, patients, clients and customers.  Many offer similar services to other competitors, and the differentiator is often customer service.  As a consumer, you are not obligated to settle for less than stellar service, and always remember there are ample options when choosing providers.  Providers should fight for your business.

Customer service is lacking in home care more so than most industries.  Home Care Associates invented the “Client Satisfaction Guarantee”, which insures all clients are treated with respect and they are happy with the service they receive, without exception.  We all exist at the mercy of our clients’ happiness in the private duty world, and every phone call and inquiry should be treated as a gift.  Companies spend ample amounts of money to generate leads.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you call around for service:

  1. Did a decision maker answer the phone, and were they knowledgeable and helpful?
  2. Were you placed on hold?
  3. How did you feel after the conversation?
  4. Did the person answering your questions treat you like you were the most important person in the world?  Did they rush you?
  5. Were you offered other community resources?

Just remember this: The way you are treated when you contact a provider is likely indicative of the way you will be treated as a customer.

Check out this article from yahoo! News.

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