Long Distance Care Giving: What You Can Do From Afar

If you live an hour or so away from your parents or another loved one who needs to be looked after you may find yourself wondering what you can do from afar. You can start by putting things into perspective and setting up an arrangement for in home care senior care and home health care in Birmingham AL. Following are some helpful tips for long distance care:

Form a Network of Support

Start by arranging emergency numbers and getting your friends, family and neighbours in the loop about caring for your parents. Let them know to keep an eye out and inform you if something is wrong. Give everyone your contact number and keep emergency numbers of health care providers and doctors accessible in the house so that anyone can give them a call in case of an emergency.

Research about Their Illness

If your parents have specific illness you may need to research more about it to find out what specific care needs to be provided. How a crisis can be averted in this kind of situation and how to deal with disease management. You should know everything there is in order to hire the right senior home care agency in Birmingham AL to help you take care of your parents.

Keep In Touch With Health Providers

Remain in constant contact with their doctor and in home health care provider to keep informed about changes in their routine and health. Make conference calls a part of your routine. You may have to make your parents sign a release to allow the doctor to discuss their condition with you.

Plan for Emergencies

Plan your finances and work schedule in case an emergency occurs and you need to pay them a visit. This includes being well-informed about your leaves and rules about taking unpaid leaves from work.

Other Things That You Can Do

Other things to keep in mind when you visit them the next time is to consider if anything needs to be altered or upgraded. If they still drive, assess their driving safety. Consider it they can still climb the stairs, whether they need a wheelchair or walker and if there are tripping hazards around the house. Pay a personal visit to their doctor every time you visit them and make it a habit to keep in constant touch them to show your love and support.

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